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If you stick around Valleybrook for a while, you will definitely hear about the “open hand” principle. What is the “Open Hand” Principle? God blesses believers in tremendous ways, in ways we do not deserve. The “Open Hand” principle takes these blessings we receive and instead of closing our hand to keep them to ourselves, we open our hand and extend these blessings to others. Practically that means we look for opportunities to serve people inside the church and outside the church. We look to serve those who believe in Jesus and look for opportunities to share the Gospel with people who do not believe in Jesus. We look to serve the poor, marginalized, youth, those who have fallen on tough times, and more. Below is a list of ways you can practice the “Open Hand” principle and begin serving inside and outside the church.

Serving Outside The Church

Sojourner House
We have a team of Valleybrookers who serve the homeless population in Eau Claire at the Sojourner House. This includes preparing a meal for guests, serving the meal, checking in guests, and helping them put their bags in a secure closet to keep overnight. Email Nate Abuan if you would like to volunteer at our next service time.

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry
Good News Jail and Prison Ministry is a great organization that goes into jails and prisons with the intention to share the gospel, help believers grow in their faith, assist people when they are released from jail, and mentor those who have assimilated back into society. Email Bill Millien if you are interested in serving with this ministry

Serving Inside The Church

There are different areas within Valleybrook that you can serve throughout the week. Here are the ways you can volunteer on a Sunday: Nursery, Imitate Little Kids, Usher, Panera Bread Pick Up, Connection Team, 410 Team, Worship Team, and Tech Team. Here are the ways you can volunteer throughout the week: Special Events Team, Imitate 6-12, and Building Needs.

We also have a meal ministry set up for people or families in our church that go through times of need such as a loss of a loved one, a serious illness, or the birth of a child. The best part about the meal ministry is that you don’t even have to cook? You can prepare meals or you can donate restaurant gift cards. If you wish to be a part of this Meal Ministry Team and get notified when a family has a need, please email Tonya Hughes.

Meal Ministry from Valleybrook Church on Vimeo.

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