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If you stick around Valleybrook for a while, you will definitely hear about the “open hand” principle. What is the “Open Hand” Principle? God blesses believers in tremendous ways, in ways we do not deserve. The “Open Hand” principle takes these blessings we receive and instead of closing our hand to keep them to ourselves, we open our hand and extend these blessings to others. Practically that means we look for opportunities to serve people inside the church and outside the church. We look to serve those who believe in Jesus and look for opportunities to share the Gospel with people who do not believe in Jesus. We look to serve the poor, marginalized, youth, those who have fallen on tough times, and more. Below is a list of ways you can practice the “Open Hand” principle and begin serving inside and outside the church.

Serving Opportunities

Kid’s Ministries
Imitate Little Kids (0-5 years)
Imitate Kids (grades K-5)
Imitate Middle School
Imitate High School
Christian Service Brigade

Adult Ministries
Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
College Ministry
Young Adult Ministry
Marriage Ministry

Sunday Service Ministries
Door Greeter
Connection Center
Panera Bread Pick Up
College Shuttle Team
Usher Team
Tech Booth Team
Worship Music Team

Hospitality Ministries
410 Cafe Team
Soup and Salad Team
Hospital Meal Ministry

Serving Ministries
Oil Change Team
Homeless Shelter
Buildings Team

Visual Ministries
Graphic Design
eNews Publications
Decorating Team
Social Media Team

Office Ministries
Office Receptionist
Offering Counting



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